Rabbit Heart


“He looked at the police car. Volvo V70 of standard model. There was a girl on the passenger side looking down at something she had in her knee. It was obvious to him that they didn’t do their job. No situational awareness at all. A Polish police officer who drove up at a red light was at least looking at the cars around. It was expected.

The female policewoman probably was updating her status on facebook. Or she did some other activity that was in any case not related to police work. A long blond strand of hair hung down and concealed her face. One more thing. Female police officers in Poland with long hair had it pulled back when they were on duty. If they were forced into action, their hair shouldn’t toss about as it would in a discotheque.

Fucking amateurs.

The officer pulled her hair behind her ear and showed a cute little nose in profile. Then she turned her head and looked straight at him with a clear blue eyes. Igor froze. She was stunningly beautiful.

The traffic light changed and the police car turned left. The hunting instinct kicked in and Igor changed lane and began to pursue the cruiser. A boring meeting in an industrial area in Tullinge had to wait. He wanted to see the girl again up close.”

Rabbit Heart is a sequel to Peter Stein’s debut novel, “Cutie.”